What Our Clients Think

What do you think about Eloise?

'Pleasant, gentle, helpful, patient and encouraging'

'We like Eloise's sessions, they give us plenty to think about and we always eagerly await more.'

Activity Co-ordinator and Residents, The Shelley, Worthing

'I find Eloise does very good sessions of arts and crafts. Some good items made by my residents which they often use in their rooms.'
'[Eloise is] a very nice lady who seems to know the strengths and weaknesses of my residents.'

Manager, St Clare Care Home, Southwick

'Very enjoyable [sessions] - pleasure to attend.'

Resident, St Clare Care Home, Southwick

'I think Eloise's sessions are very person centred and Eloise has taken time to explore which art activities our residents prefer. I think these sessions are really valuable for our residents as they provide opportunities to express themselves and gain more opportunities to be creative. 

Senior Support Worker, Ball Tree Croft Residential Home, Sompting

'Eloise's 1:1 time with J is invaluable. It is really nice that J is now getting time to spend with someone doing what she enjoys. We are very happy that it's going so well. Thank you'

Shift Co-ordinator, Ball Tree Croft Residential Home, Sompting

'Eloise is extremely professional, friendly, committed and obliging. She has a lovely manner and our residents enjoy her company.'

Senior Support Worker, Ball Tree Croft Residential Home, Sompting

'I like the sessions Eloise provides. People seem purposefully engaged and enjoy what they are doing. I have seen people engage who don't normally do so, and there is variety to them [the sessions].'

'Eloise seems to have a lovely manner to her. She is calm and reassuring in her approach, which can only benefit the people she is working with.'

Assistant Manager, New Grange Dementia Care Home, Worthing